“Human Resources are like Natural Resources; they're often buried deep. You have to go looking for them; They're not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.” ― Ken Robinson

Are you the one?

- Dare to be Judged….!!

This is the question puzzling most of the candidates throughout the entire recruitment process, and it houses in the minds of most of the candidates when they are in studying phase. The event is aimed at putting candidates to the test of ultimate fit and to help them understand the areas they need to work upon. It will comprise of 4 rounds to make sure that only the most deserving gets to the last. So fasten your belts to get a taste of the most thrilling recruitment drive you have ever gone through. And what else can be a reward than the opportunity to work as an intern in a firm.

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Contact Details:
+91 9087257840

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Prize Worth:
Internship opportunity in the firm sponsoring the event.
Individual Participation

Rules and Regulations:
↬ The Event will consist of 4 rounds.
↬ First round is online quiz round which will be organised through dare2compete portal. Candiates are supposed to be fair and honest in their approach. Candidates shortlisted after this round will be informed and would have to be present in BITS Pilani campus for the next rounds.
↬ Second round will be on-campus Group Discussion where candidates will be grouped randomly and would be asked to discuss on a topic given at the instant. Discussion will be monitored and evaluated on the basis of which candidtates will be selected for final 2 rounds.
↬ Third round is conceptualised on the theme of BBC's Famous "Just a minute" game where candiadates would be asked to speak on a topic for 60 seconds. Rules are simple, speak without hesitation, repetition or deviation for 60 seconds. Evaluation will be done by judges.
↬ Fourth round will involve personal interview of the candidate by a panel which will also include HR from the firm in which internship will be awarded.
↬ Scores of round 3 and 4 will be combined. On Campus rounds will be on 17th February 2017 5 PM onwards at Department of Management, BITS Pilani. 

Team Size:Max of 5

Rules and Regulations:
↬ The event is only open for BITS Pilani, Pilani campus students.
↬ Team size: 3-5 candidates.
↬The event consists of 2 rounds.
↬ The first round requires teams to submit a summary of the problem identified and the initial approach to solve it. It is a screening round.Participants are required to 
mail the same on the Email ID mentioned.
↬In the second round selected teams will be asked to present the detailed proposal to the professors/concerned authorities. It will be on 18th February 2017 5 PM
onwards at New Academic Building (NAB), BITS Pilani Campus. 


Samadhan: coz we care...!

Being a part of the great BITSian family we all have our share of innovative ideas and thoughts which can make the world around us better. Lets begin the change from within. Yes you heard it right, lets make our campus more pleasing and beautiful. This is an intra-BITS event where candidates are asked to present the problems being faced by the general public in BITS Pilani, selected candidates will get a chance to present their ideas to solve the problem and to discuss with the professors/concerned authorities on the future aspects of the idea. Nothing can be more overwhelming than seeing your ideas benefit the people. So what are you waiting for put your innovative minds to work to add value to the life of every BITSian around you.

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Contact Details:
+91 9039173850

+91 9829533667

Prize Worth:
Cash prize.
An opportunity to interact with the professors/concerned authorities regarding the solution of the problem they have proposed.

U are fired!

- Showcase your People Skills

While line managers are responsible for work and performance related issues, employee terminating is primarily the HR department’s responsibility. Whenever a manager or supervisor requests for a termination, HR should critically analyze the case and find if it is a performance related, discipline related or something else.

Most employers(HR managers) find dismissal of an employee to be a difficult process regardless of the reasons for the dismissal. However, when a dismissal is necessary, it is important for the employer to:

Be informed about and comply with legislation.

Treat the employee fairly and act in good faith.

Handle the termination process in a professional way that preserves the employee's dignity.

Be careful about how much information is communicated to others about the facts and reasons for the termination.

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Contact Details:
+91 7827552400

+91 9829522682

Prize Worth: To be Announced soon

Team Size:2-3

Rules and Regulations:
↬ All members of a team should be from the same institute.
↬ Both 1st year & 2nd year students are eligible.
↬Teams can be a mix of 1st & 2nd year students.

Screening Round
↬Business Quiz
↬10-15 min question
Final Round
↬Final Round will be on campus where the team will be judged on how professionally they fire an employee and conduct the exit interview. Final Round will be on 19th February 2017 2 PM onwards at Department of Management, BITS Pilani. 

Team Size:Max of 3

Rules and Regulations:
↬All members of a team should be from the same institute.
↬Both 1st year & 2nd year students are eligible
↬Teams can be a mix of 1st & 2nd year students
↬There is no restriction on number of teams from an institute
↬Shortlisted teams will be required to visit campus on 19th February 2017 for final rounds Note: The decision of the jury and organizers will be final and binding.
Round 1
↬Online case solution submission.
↬Short PPT with 10 slides.
↬Screening Round.
Round 2
↬At BITS Pilani (19 Feb 2017).
↬15 minute presentation+10 min QA.
↬Jury members: From Industry.


HRadya: From the HeaRt…!!!

Live Business Case Study Competition.

A simulation based live business case study competition where the challenges are in three phases. As the challenges unravel, the case gets more difficult.

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Contact Details:
+91 7838507051

+91 9087257840

Prize Worth:
1st Prize: Rs……. worth prizes.
2st Prize: Rs……. worth prizes.