THEME - Set your sails

That rush of thoughts wandering through space and time, took me to a whole new world. As the wave tries to reach the shore, the ocean pulls it back and so are my thoughts filled with fear are pulling my ideas down. These fearful thoughts, wandered through the examples of history and placed me in an empty dark theatre. Frames of Heroes (from A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to Zuckerberg) flashed across my eyes while the cries of their struggle striking my ears making myself determined. Set Your Sails and Start Up against the pull of the ocean to reach the shore of Entrepreneurs @BITS Pilani


A 39-year old PAN India Management fiesta has witnessed young and budding managers going 'Over the Limit' in showcasing a potpourri of their managerial dexterity, acute intellect and mind boggling creativity which has augmented the overall level of this grand event to unbelievable heights.


The Management group at BITS, Pilani was established in the year 1971.It is a two-year Post-Graduate Programme designed as a fulltime residential course for graduates who wish to pursue their careers in management. The objective of this programme is to bridge the gap in the industry by providing quality management professionals with strong technical skills and an acumen for managing a business, thus meeting the requirements of modern technology based industries. The Management programme in BITS was ranked by Asia week as the Top 30 Best Full-Time MBA. The programme has also been profiled by Business Week Online (the Best B Schools).


The Birla Institute of Technology & Science, BITS Pilani is an all- India Institute for higher education. The primary motive of BITS is to "train young men and women able and eager to create and put into action such ideas, methods, techniques and information". The Institute is a dream come true of its founder late Mr G.D.Birla - an eminent industrialist, a participant in Indian freedom struggle and a close associate of the Father of Indian Nation late Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi). Over the years, BITS has provided the highest quality technical education to students from all over India admitted on the basis of merit. Its graduates may be found throughout the world in all areas of engineering, science and commerce. BITS symbolizes the maturing of Indian technical ability and "can-do" entrepreneurial spirit, especially as derived from the private sector. BITS is located in the Vidya Vihar campus adjacent to the town of Pilani in Rajasthan.